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Release of “1991” November 18th 2015

From today is available in all digital stores “1991”, the official debut of the rock band Overdose from Verona. Preceded by the single and video “Riding to the Groove”, “1991” is an explicit tribute to grunge music and the year of the boom of the grunge music and the Seattle Sound.
The album is released by independent label Vrec and consists of 10 tracks in grunge styles with several references to bands symbol of the Seattle scene, using sick sounds and introspective lyrics like the new single and video “Death’s Eve” (the theme is the alienation given by social diversity), “the Endless Sleep ” (story of a man in a coma), Alan’s Trip (it talks about anal sex) or” Whore’s war “(complaint of prostitution, war, enterprises..all entities that use submission).
In this album there also is a remake of “Brimful of Asha”, a cover of Cornershop, pop song from the nineties.

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