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overdose_0073Overdose timeline begins in october 2010, when Matteo and Davide meet each other for the common passion for the Seattle Sound, none of whom actually wanted to form a band at the time but soon was clear what was going to happen..
When they met in a rehearsal room, after a day spent playing Nirvana’s songs, they wrote their first songs, Joe Blow and Alone Again.

After that, or two years they did a lot of gigs, wrote a lot of original songs and recorded their first Demo, “To Fill the Vaginal Walls” with Dork Records, this first demo contains “I Don’t Remember Your Name”, “Joe Blow”, the first version of “Overdose” and “Alone Again”.

During this period, Overdose had many bassists until the arrival of Roberto in March 2013. Roby hadn’t touched an instrument until that moment and learned how to play bass by his own after he met the other guys and only 6 months later he played his first concert: the OverFest where Overdose presented their second demo, Welcome to Topicon.

overdose_0071The year 2014 was very rich for the band, almost fourty live shows in nine months in Italy and “Overacoustic”, a particular acoustic version of Overdose’s songs, including the perfomance of a cello was born. The first Overacoustic show was on March 23th 2014.
In the same period, while the tour continued, Overdose appeared in TV, radio and articles after winning as a prize a participation at the television program Area Zero and on April 9th 2014 the first official video, Enemy, was published. On March 28th the first compilation where Overdose apears, “Tribute To Kurt Cobain And Nirvana” performing “Breed” by Cobain, was published.

In summer 2014 the recording of their first album “1991” started, it was recorded in 5 sessions during the end of “Welcome to fucking damn rotten shitting Topicon Øver tour” and the beginning of “Ridingtour” (2015) and in the following winter the videoclip for the single Riding to the Groove was done along with the Overdose opening to Richie Ramon’s live show in Pisa, the Ramones’ drummer from 1983 to 1987.

On January 30th 2015 the first official single of the band, Riding to the Groove, by Vrec label was published.

Live, opneing for Gilby Clarke (ex Guns n' Roses)During the Riding Tour, Overdose finished the recording of their first full lenght album “1991”, published a digital pre-sale the 18th of November 2015 and phisically available the 5th of March 2016 for the aniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain. Meanwhile, the band continued “1991” tour with many live shows and a new bassist; Richard, with which they worked to achieve a new sound and identity. At the same time, the music video for the third single of 1991 – Endless Sleep – is released.
This brang a changing point that gave them many openings with arists like Gilby Clarke (Ex Guns N’ Roses), L.A.Guns, Exilia, Vision Divine feat Mike Terrana, Geoff Tate (Queensryche) and the entire Italian Mistonocivo Tour for their new album “Superego”.