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AllRock’s Interview

Here the AllRock’s Interview for #HARDROCKPARTY vol.1
  1. Why you choosed to sing in English?
    First, because we like it and for our type of music is the best one, and we want to promote our songs internationally.
  2. How was born the song of the compilation and what does it talking about?
    The Overdose’s song in the compilation is Riding To The Groove, it was born in a bad period of band’s life and it talk about tour, play arround the country, be always in our car with “the back full of crap” (our struments) and to live for this.
  3. What do you think about italian people who sing in English? Isn’t italian good enough?
    Like spoken before, english is perfect for our kind of music, italian spoken is good for different situations then Overdose’s context.
  4. What is your main strenght?
    First we are friends, than a band and this brings a bigger cohesion even on the stage. Our main strenght are our live shows where people can know the 100% of Overdose, the violence of the music and our wildness.
  5. Which is the stage for you?
    A strip bar.
  6. What do you think about Rock music? Do you think that it’s still alive or it’s dead and sometimes it’s been “exhumed”?
    Rock will never die, is the musician attitude dead, in big stages and in the underground. Is really rare meet a ban that lives its own music like until twenty years ago.

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